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Photographer: John Downs

This generous sub-penthouse apartment has the footprint of two adjoining apartments which were purchased together off the plan 20 years ago, so it was time for the entire apartment to undergo a full renovation. Downsizing from their large family home, our client wanted not only the benefits of apartment living, but to also accommodate their existing furniture and lifestyle into the redesign. They requested that the kitchen and bathrooms were to have a modern, yet elegant feel to them. The majority of furniture used in this project was the client’s existing, which was either reupholstered, refinished or reframed, all of which helped breathe new life and purpose into these sentimental objects. It was important to the client to have their beloved furniture pieces around them for it to feel like ‘home’ after years of travelling and collecting. Over the years they have acquired beautiful artwork, antiques, other furniture items and Persian rugs that all firstly needed to be grouped with the right items, and then placed within the apartment. We worked with the client and our furniture makers to create the custom coffee table in the living room to house and display collected artefacts and other treasures.

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